Why You Need a Forklift Attachment

So you have a Branson tractor with a front-end loader and you absolutely love it. You’re able to dig, carry/dump materials, and so much more.

Even so, your options are limited, and there is more you can do with those powerful lifting arms than simply operating a bucket. With a Branson front-end loader, you can easily remove the bucket and install a forklift attachment.

Bam! Just like that you are now able to transport materials that would normally require an additional machine, such as pallets of supplies, large logs, round hay bales, etc.

Let’s apply this to a real life situation:

Suppose you are going to redo the landscaping around your house, so you head to the nearest gardening store and buy a pallet of mulch or gravel. You back up to the loading dock and the store lays the pallet in the back of your truck. You head home and realize that the only way to get all of these materials off the truck is unloading the bags one at a time and carrying them to the desired location. We’ve all been there, and know how much of a pain it can be. The same principle can be applied if you have livestock and need to unload bags of feed.

Can you think of other uses for a forklift attachment? Type your ideas in the comments below!

Having a forklift attachment can be an invaluable asset to your home, hobby farm, or ranch. That’s why we include it in our tractor package deals, and if you want to customize your tractor package we can always add it your quote through the build your package form.

Just like any tractor attachment, you need to follow some guidelines, such as ensuring that you don’t exceed the rated weight capacity of the lift. It should also be stated that a forklift attachment is not as capable as a dedicated forklift, as that machine has a single purpose while a Branson tractor is a more versatile machine.

Regardless, a dedicated forklift is astronomically more expensive than adding a forklift attachment to the tractor you already use and love. Also, forklifts are very limited in where they can go, mostly intended for concrete/gravel surfaces. Your Branson tractor is able to move through some of the toughest terrains, both on and off road.


If you need to expand your tractor’s lifting capabilities, getting a forklift attachment will be a game changer. Click the button below to view our forklift attachments and request a quote.

Pallet Fork Attachment