3 Steps to Remove Rocks from Your Land

If you own land, then you’ve probably had to deal with annoying rocks before.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s a lot of small ones getting in the way of your garden project or large ones that threaten to break your lawn mower every time you pass over. Rocks can be a real pain. If you need to remove a bunch of small rocks from your field, check out these steps!

Step 1

In order to effectively remove small rocks, your land needs to be leveled out and your soil needs to be loosened. Dragging a box blade through your field will bring many of the rocks to the surface, setting you up for step two…

Step 2

Next you will want to use a landscape rake to gather rocks out of your soil and drop them off in a pile. Keep in mind, this is not recommended for large, heavy rocks as you could damage your equipment (more on that later). Once you have your rocks in a pile, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3

Once you decide where you are going to distribute the rocks, you can rake your pile into the front-end loader and carry them to the drop-off location. Bam, the rocks are gone just like that! But what do you do with those big rocks that you couldn’t remove with the other attachments? Check out this bonus tip!


If you need to dig up those huge rocks that are too heavy to remove by hand, let your tractor do the work for you with a backhoe. Now you’re rock free and ready for the next project!


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