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The first tractors to hit the market near the turn of the 20th century weighed between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds and were powered by steam engines. Of course, tractor technology has evolved substantially since then, and Branson brand tractors use state of the art technology that can complete any yard maintenance job with ease. But before you buy a Branson tractor package deal, it’s important to understand what these incredible machines are capable of. Here’s what you need to know about Branson tractor features and maintenance in order to understand the basics.

Why are Branson brand tractors so efficient?

What makes Branson tractors truly unique is their hydrostatic steering and dual hydraulic pumps. Many are also equipped with a synchronized transmission system, cast iron rear end and transmission housings, a solid metal body, and more. Furthermore, most top of the like Branson brand tractors have back up lights, wet disc brakes, a tilt wheel, an aluminum radiator to prevent corrosion, and more. When it comes to specialized parts made for efficiency and durability, the list is truly endless.

Should I use automotive motor oil in my Branson tractor?

No — as per recent changes in automotive oil standards and formulations, it’s not recommended to use automotive motor oil in your Branson tractor. In 2010, the levels of Zinc and Phosphorus allowed in automotive motor oils was essentially cut in half. This change results in lower thermal conductivity rates and reduces anti-wear properties. This is especially true of air cooled engines. While it’s possible to buy other additives that make automotive motor oil safe for use in your tractor, most experts don’t recommend them and say it’s easier to just buy the right type of oil in the first place. Talk to your local tractor supply store for recommendations about the best synthetic oils for your new Branson tractor.

In 1916, about 20,000 tractors were sold in the United States. By 1935 that number had jumped to more than 1 million. Tractors are necessarily for countless residential and commercial mowing purposes, and taking the time to buy the right model for your needs is the key to maximizing efficiency and satisfaction. For more information about Branson brand tractors, contact Big Tex Tractor.

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