About 85 million households in the U.S. have private lawns, and when it comes to maintaining a well-kept lawn, Americans don’t mess around. In fact, the average American spends, on average, four hours per week taking care of their lawn. That adds up to an average of 208 hours per year or over eight days. Anybody who spends that much time tending to their yard should be quite experienced, but unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to make some basic mistakes that impact the finished look of your yard. With that in mind, here are just a few mistakes to avoid when mowing your lawn with a tractor.

Using a mower or tractor with dull blades.

First, this it’s important to make sure you’re cutting your lawn with a sharp enough blade. A dull blade doesn’t do an efficient job and can essentially defeat the purpose of mowing altogether. You just won’t see the results you want to see after putting in the work. Experts suggest keeping a fresh set of sharp blades in your shed or garage at all times so that you can easily swap out dull blades without the hassle. You should also take the dulled blades to a professional to resharpen them rather than trying to do it yourself.

Not cutting your grass to the right length.

As we mentioned, proper lawn care is a major time commitment. But many times, people aren’t cutting the right amount off of their grass during each mowing session to keep it from regrowing quickly. Experts have some simple advice:

“Want to keep your lawn looking luxurious all summer long? Then cut it and cut it often. For the strongest, healthiest grass, you’ll want to cut no more than one third off the top each time you mow. That means adjusting the blade height when necessary and never allowing the grass to grow too long. For most regions, mowing every few days in the summertime is just about the right amount,” writes Caitlin Castelaz on BobVila.

Ultimately, the U.S. Lawn Care industry saw $77 billion of revenue in 2016. Lawn care is an investment, and doing the job right means avoiding these mistakes. For more information about Branson tractor package deals, contact Big Tex Tractor.

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