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The first tractors to hit the market near the turn of the 20th century weighed between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds and were powered by steam engines. Since then, tractor technology and tractor packages have developed significantly. However, they still require some essential maintenance to keep them running at optimal levels. Here are a few important tractor maintenance tips all homeowners should follow.

Keep an eye on the oil

It should come as no surprise that your tractor’s oil can extend or shorten the life of your tractor, depending on the quality. Monitor your tractor’s oil levels and look for signs of debris and contamination. If you notice any floating debris, black oil, or anything else suspicious, the oil should be completely drained and replaced for good measure. The owner’s manual of your tractor can tell you which type and viscosity of oil are best for your specific model.

Replace the fuel filter

Depending on the type and model of tractor you own, you may need to change the fuel filter more frequently than others. Your owner’s manual can tell you how often to check and replace your tractor’s fuel filter. The process isn’t necessarily difficult, but it’s easy to get oil all over the place if you’re not careful. Family Handyman has a safer method for removing the filter that anyone can try:

“Pinch the fuel line leading from the tank with a clamp. Then move the spring clamps away from the filter with pliers. Slip on a pair of nitrile gloves, tilt the inlet side of the filter up and remove the inlet hose. Drain the small amount of fuel from the fuel line into a drain pan. Then, plug the filter inlet with your thumb, tilt the entire filter down, and pull it out of the outlet hose.”


Consult the owner’s manual

Finally, keep in mind that every kind of tractor has a different set of maintenance needs. Your owner’s manual is always the best resource to get the most accurate maintenance info for your model. Taking the advice of your owner’s manual helps to maximize the life of your tractor and minimize the need for repairs.

About 83% of Americans think having a yard is important, and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well-maintained. Knowing how to properly care for your tractor is the key to ensuring it works efficiently and meets your lawn care needs. For more information about Branson brand tractor packages, contact Big Tex Tractor.

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